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Indo-New Zealand Corporation

Indo-Nz Corporation Ltd was established in 2005 by Mohammed. Mohammed Huk came from a pharmaceutical background in New Zealand in 1990. He had always done something different from others and after much deliberation; he decided to supply spices including wet spices such as Crushed Garlic, Ginger, Chillies etc. As we were the pioneers in this field, the technical support was given by the government.

We are HACCP approved

We are agent for RIA Money Transfer Service

About Owner

Mohammed Huk owned and operated Chefs Warehouse Ltd until 1999 before he decided to sell and move to south island of New Zealand. He began manufacturing under Indo-NZ Corporation Ltd and within the company started importing other spices and supplying to restaurants and planned on RIA Money Transfer business which he was doing before migrating into New Zealand.

Today Indo-NZ Corporation Ltd is one of the oldest and largest companies supplying crushed garlic and ginger based in South Island Of New Zealand. Our facilities are big enough to produce 5 tones of product using the latest induction sealing system. We also make brands for other companies only on reasonable quantities. Now we import and distribute nationwide and have gone into RIA Money Transfer business as well.

Indo-New Zealand Corporation